What the hell are terpenes?

cbd terpenes

Come on into the CBD space, a world where many names get thrown about, including this one. So, if you’ve done some digging into CBD products, you’ve probably heard about something called terpenes. The truth is terpenes can play an important role in cannabis products. Even better, they may help you determine what types are […]

Extra extra, read all about it!

best cbd resources

Right now, cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis research are still widely in their infancy. This is down to all kinds of things, including its relatively recent discovery, cannabis prohibition, lack of funding resources, and others. Sounds iffy right, but it’s important to put this in the context of historical events. These things have resulted in our […]

Can CBD cause side effects or is that a myth?

cbd side effects

It’s important to investigate the risks of anything you’re putting in your body. So, if you’re asking this big question about CBD, you’re the smart one. But here’s the headline, CBD has been renowned as a safe, natural alternative that doesn’t pose any risks of adverse, long-term side effects. Data shows that even large amounts […]

Is CBD really toxic to the liver?

cbd liver toxicity

All hail CBD as an all-natural alternative for a wide variety of conditions ranging from epilepsy to anxiety. Right now, CBD products continue to flood the health and wellness space throughout the US. As this goes on, companies are marketing this naturally occurring compound as a safe, non-toxic remedy with no adverse, long-term side effects. […]

Choosing the right CBD products

how to choose cbd product

Unless you’ve been living in a remote cave for a while, you’ll know that CBD-infused products continue to dominate the health and wellness space in the US and across the globe. We’re talking everything from CBD gummies to activewear, with CBD getting more popular by the day for its wide scope of therapeutic promise. As […]

Getting a feels for CBD: what is it and how does it make you feel?

cbd 101 feels

Thinking of jumping aboard the CBD train? All adults welcome! But first, you might have some questions. Like how does CBD make you feel? How does it work? Is it safe? This is where we walk you through those need-to-knows, and how it could enhance your day. From AM to PM. Before we dig deep […]

Oui chef! Super sensualize your tastebuds when cooking with CBD

how to cook with cbd

We have just the thing to take your love for CBD to the next level. And if you’re obsessed with cooking shows (confession: we are) this is doubly for you. With cooking programs cropping up all over the place, we’ve been inspired to do a spot of research ourselves. Cooking with CBD opens a gorgeous […]

The Psychedelic Renaissance & Mental Wellness

Why you should jump on board. If you haven’t heard people talking about the “psychedelic renaissance” then it’s time to get with the program. While the name might sound like our kind of after-party, this isn’t actually all about getting high. Instead, the focus is on mental wellness because here’s the newsflash: certain natural plants […]

Hedonism 101: Getting you more in tune with your pleasure

If the word “hedonism” gets you in the mind of something illicit, here’s the newsflash. If we were to get our Oxford Dictionary out, a quick lookup shows us that “hedonism” comes from the ancient Greek word for “pleasure”. I mean, that already sounds a shade more innocent, right? Here are a couple of funky […]