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The Full Package


Ready to live in pure pleasure? The complete set is a total immersion in game-changing enjoyment. 

From tinctures for feeling sunny whatever the weather and getting sinfully good shuteye, to our gossip-worthy CBD lube, and instant-R&R inducing CBD bath salts and a fragrant bath bomb – we have you so very covered.

The Full Package


Let’s get fizzical (127g / 4.5oz)
Simply the zest (140g / 5oz)
Rain cloud repellent (30ml / 1fl. oz)
Wake the neighbours (120ml / 4fl. oz)
Rest for the wicked (30ml / 1fl. oz)

Give the gift of pleasure with our full package of products.

Welcome to our world of elevated pleasure.

Here at HOO RAA, we reject normal and revel in the extraordinary – with products that help you squeeze the deliciousness out of life. 

Way more than just CBD, each product champions a whole host of natural, wonder ingredients. Our formulators masterfully select and blend these beauties to create an exceptional sensory experience.


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    Better than therapy! Seriously, great for my anxiety!

    17 June 2022
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    I’m in love! I use this stuff literally all the time. In the morning, I start my day with the Rain Cloud Repellent. Then, in the evening, I take the Rest for the Wicked tincture to help me sleep. The bath salts and bath bombs are awesome too!

    12 June 2022
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    The ultimate self-care routine!

    11 June 2022
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    When it comes to CBD, I’m somewhat of a connoisseur. I have to say, this stuff is legit! Very high quality ingredients and an all-around great product!

    9 June 2022
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    Jason R.

    The great thing about this set is that it gives you options. You don’t have to take the same tincture every day. You can use what you need depending on how you feel.

    8 June 2022

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CBD tincture for sinfully good shuteye.
Lovely and lemony CBD Tincture with a burst of Vitamin C.
CBD bath salts with refreshing grapefruit.
CBD love lotion for frictionless fumbles together or alone.

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