“I run my brain and body so hard – this is burnout-busting.”


your pleasure is your power is

Rest for the wicked

30ml / 1fl.oz
1200mg Full-Spectrum CBD

Bedtime becoming devil’s work? We got you. Introducing the restful remedy you’ve been dreaming of. Just a few drops of this minty mixture and you’re off on a rejuvenating trip to dreamsville. 

Specifically formulated for modern life, our all-natural tincture packs a punch with valerian root, full-spectrum CBD, CBN, and melatonin, so you can finally K-O.


Welcome to our world of elevated pleasure.

Here at HOO RAA, we reject normal and revel in the extraordinary – with products that help you squeeze the deliciousness out of life. 

Way more than just CBD, each product champions a whole host of natural, wonder ingredients. Our formulators masterfully select and blend these beauties to create an exceptional sensory experience.

120ml / 4fl.oz
240mg CBD Isolate

30ml / 1fl.oz
1200mg Full-Spectrum CBD

127g / 4.5oz
100mg CBD Isolate

140g / 5oz
100mg CBD Isolate