“Only you get to decide what’s pleasurable for you.”


your pleasure is your power is

Wake the neighbors

120ml / 4fl.oz
240mg CBD Isolate

Hoop earrings, red-heads, mustaches – we’re here for whatever gets you there. And our CBD Love Lotion can kick things up a level by boosting pleasure, turning up sensitivity, ditching discomfort, and generally making you feel sexy af. 

Kudos to our CBD isolate for this one. A wünder ingredient that helps to promote blood flow and ease tension like no other lover. 

Thank us later.

Welcome to our world of elevated pleasure.

Here at HOO RAA, we reject normal and revel in the extraordinary – with products that help you squeeze the deliciousness out of life. 

Way more than just CBD, each product champions a whole host of natural, wonder ingredients. Our formulators masterfully select and blend these beauties to create an exceptional sensory experience.

30ml / 1fl.oz
1200mg Ful-Spectrum CBD

30ml / 1fl.oz
1200mg Full-Spectrum CBD

127g / 4.5oz
100mg CBD Isolate

140g / 5oz
100mg CBD Isolate