Running out of sheep to count?

cbd for sleep

Ridiculously restorative, sink-in deep sleep. We might not all know her but we certainly dream about her. You know – the kind of sleep that heals every ache and generates a fresh new outlook on life the moment you open your eyes. Sound too good to be true? Feeling salty? Well, you’re not alone. Having […]

Bottoms up

cbd cocktails 101

We love some good mixology and trying fun potions and concoctions whether that’s on a little self-date or enjoying quality time with our gang. As this year comes to a close and we all get to wind down a bit, why not try something new that might spice things up a notch? We’re here to […]

Dealing with the fam during the festive period

cbd holiday stress relief

Here’s a fun fact for you: according to one study, 88% of people experience holiday stress. That is when the festive period rolls around and we’re in close proximity with our family for hours (or days!) on end, the stress levels rocket. This manifests in symptoms like sleep disruptions, irritability, anxiety, and general overwhelm.  If […]

We’re having a microdosing moment

microdosing 101

Master image copyright: Marius Sperlich We don’t doubt the term has probably crept up in convos with friends. Heard it on social? Maybe read something in an article? Or even in the news headlines? But we’re sure many of you are left asking: what does microdosing even mean? So what is microdosing? Microdosing is the […]

The ultimate traveling guide: taking a literal trip with CBD

cbd travel guide

Bags packed, essentials added, traveling outfit sorted (we vote sweats). Chances are, you’ve already nailed your luggage, checked weight restrictions, and everything else. But have you stashed your CBD in your case? If you’re wondering, CBD is subject to certain restrictions depending on where you travel to, so unless you want an awkward experience at […]

Your prostate, your pleasure

prostate and sex

Here’s a big question for you, whatever your anatomy is: do you know exactly what the prostate is and how to use it for pleasure? According to a European study, a lack of awareness around what a prostate is and what it does is alarmingly high. And let’s not be fooled here, because we can […]

The reasons why solo play is a self-care must

cbd masturbation self care

Are you ready to talk openly about masturbation? If your answer is hovering over a “no”, know that you’re not alone. It’s sad but true to hear that self-pleasure is still a taboo area for many and while it’s not compulsory to shout about it from the hills, it’s good to have an honest convo […]

Bringing sexy back

sexiest cannabinoids cbd

Buckle up  because people are talking about the benefits of cannabis in the bedroom. Let’s face it, this place of pleasure isn’t always the easiest ride for us all. Challenges like low sex drive, vaginal dryness, and erectile dysfunction can swoop in during our lives to make the bedroom a maze to navigate. First off, […]

To vape or not to vape?

cbd vape safety

Okay, so we’ve all heard the risks of vaping e-cigarettes. Some say they may be even more harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, which is hugely off-putting. Question is, does the same go for vaping CBD and other cannabis products? Getting real, the long-term health implications of vaping CBD are still unknown. At the same time, […]

What the hell are terpenes?

cbd terpenes

Come on into the CBD space, a world where many names get thrown about, including this one. So, if you’ve done some digging into CBD products, you’ve probably heard about something called terpenes. The truth is terpenes can play an important role in cannabis products. Even better, they may help you determine what types are […]