A Guide On Regenerative Farming

Regenerative agriculture has emerged as a promising and innovative approach to farming that not only seeks to produce food and fiber but also aims to restore and enhance the environment. Unlike conventional farming practices that often degrade the ecosystem, regenerative agriculture focuses on improving soil health and biodiversity while mitigating climate change. In this guide, […]

Plant-Based Meat vs. Real Meat

In recent years, plant-based meat alternatives have been gaining popularity, with many consumers choosing them over traditional animal-based meats. As the demand for plant-based products continues to grow, it raises an important question: are these meat substitutes truly healthier, and better for the environment compared to real meat? Let’s delve into the research to understand […]

How CBD Can Elevate Your Experience at Music Festivals

Music festivals are an extraordinary celebration of art, creativity, and unity. Set the scene: the summer sun illuminates the sky, rhythmic sound waves fill the air, and the murmur of the masses ripples through the crowd. It’s time to elevate your festival experience to new heights. To unlock the full spectrum of joy and inspiration, […]

How CBD Can Help Unlock Your Artistic Potential

In the realm of artistic expression, the desire to tap into our creative potential is an ever-present force. Artists constantly seek inspiration, focus, and a means to unleash their imagination. Enter CBD, a compound that has been gaining attention not only for its holistic wellbeing properties but also for its potential to enhance creativity. In […]

Kinky Boots: How to Explore Kinks

Let’s talk kink – a word that covers a vast array of unconventional sexual acts. Vanilla sex is great, but sometimes it’s just… too vanilla. If you get what we mean. We love to challenge the norm here, so let’s explore pleasure through unrestricted and audacious creativity.    What exactly is “kink”? Well, it’s anything […]

Edging 101 – Maximize your Pleasure

Edging is an orgasm control technique. Used to increase stamina, intensify orgasms and explore power exchanges in the bedroom, it involves a little thing called delayed gratification. In other words, you get to the point of near-climax, before temporarily stopping stimulation or easing up the intensity and leaving your would-be orgasm on ice for a […]

A Holistic Home: The Necessities for a Zen Space

Why is a zen space necessary? Life is hectic. It can be busy, draining, chaotic. And from time to time, life can become a bit too much. We all need a break now and then from the stresses of daily life, and the best place to start is wherever you call home. Is your home […]

Running out of sheep to count?

cbd for sleep

Ridiculously restorative, sink-in deep sleep. We might not all know her but we certainly dream about her. You know – the kind of sleep that heals every ache and generates a fresh new outlook on life the moment you open your eyes. Sound too good to be true? Feeling salty? Well, you’re not alone. Having […]

Bottoms up

cbd cocktails 101

We love some good mixology and trying fun potions and concoctions whether that’s on a little self-date or enjoying quality time with our gang. As this year comes to a close and we all get to wind down a bit, why not try something new that might spice things up a notch? We’re here to […]

Dealing with the fam during the festive period

cbd holiday stress relief

Here’s a fun fact for you: according to one study, 88% of people experience holiday stress. That is when the festive period rolls around and we’re in close proximity with our family for hours (or days!) on end, the stress levels rocket. This manifests in symptoms like sleep disruptions, irritability, anxiety, and general overwhelm.  If […]