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Yes, yes, YES! Make 2023 your best ever

Manifest through orgasms

We want to hear a hell yeah for the power of orgasms. Do your research and you’ll discover that the Big O has a long list of health benefits (more on that in a moment), but the perks don’t end there. If you’re thinking of making 2023 your best yet, practicing orgasms could help you get there in every sense of the word.

Yep, we’re talking about manifesting through orgasm. If you haven’t caught up on this one on TikTok or somewhere similar, this is all about using the bliss state of orgasm to enhance your creativity and visionary skills. We’re talking about getting clarity on your dreams and goals and putting them back in the frame. Sound good? Then let’s get into how this can happen, and how sexual aids like CBD can help you along your journey. 

The benefits of orgasming

orgasm benefits

There are plenty of reasons to prioritize your sexual pleasure, and there are just as many ways to achieve it. Whether you’re partnered up or doing this solo, orgasms are there for the taking. From a health benefits perspective, orgasms are connected to great stuff ranging from strengthening your pelvic floor to minimizing acne breakouts, but what about orgasms and the mind? And how can they further your manifestation skills? Here’s more:


  • Pleasure boosts happy hormones – When you engage in sexual pleasure, be it alone or with someone else, your body releases a cocktail of happy hormones. Endorphins, dopamine, and oxytocin are among them, and these can make you feel relaxed and content. Now isn’t that the perfect platform for facing your challenges with clarity?
  • It increases your self-esteem – The combo of feeling good thanks to those hormones and exploring your body can add up to a glorious sense of self-knowledge and empowerment, boosting your self-esteem. 
  • Reducing stress – Those hormones are also linked to relieving stress and anxiety. Think of all this as setting the scene for a conscious delving into your goals without fear and anxiety holding you back. 
  • It stimulates the brain – While your body is busy reveling in this happy mix of hormones, your brain is elsewhere. When you orgasm, the logical part of the brain gets less active, ushering in your creative mind, and your reward pathways light up, just as they can when eating something delicious or listening to your favorite music. At the same time, blood flow increases to the brain, which some believe supports brain health. 
  • Reaching a sexual trance – Some scientists also believe that if the stimulation is long and intense enough, you can reach a sexual trance or altered state of consciousness. This is due to the brain being laser-focused on the experience, rather than in a distracted monkey-mind state. 

CBD and orgasms

cbd for orgasms

Sound yummy so far? The truth is, sometimes achieving orgasm isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are ways to help your body and mind relax into it, so you can get there easier though. From practicing self-care overall, reducing stress, exercising to strengthen your body and pelvic floor, and experimenting with solo play, there are many ways to enhance your sexual pleasure. 

But what about CBD and sex? Studies show that CBD can fit into the wider picture of sexual health and pleasure, with promising results around increased sexual desire and receptivity. It’s also worth noting that CBD is intriguing scientists in the fields of stress and anxiety, pain relief, and other areas that may naturally inhibit sexual pleasure. For all these reasons and more, CBD could make a delicious addition to the bedroom. 

Tips for orgasmic manifestation

orgasmic manifestation

Considering the complexity of the activity in our bodies and minds during sexual pleasure, it’s easy to see how you could use this as a jump-off point for creative exploration. As orgasmic manifestation is all about shifting mental gears and freeing yourself of distractions, we’re hammered with 24/7, orgasms could present an interesting solution. One where you are mindfully engaged in a feel-good experience bodily, feeling relaxed, calm, and de-stressed. At the same time, your mind is open to creative thinking. So how can you set the stage for this altered state? Here are two main avenues to explore.

Take charge of your mind

cbd for orgasmic manifestation

We know it, the daily grind can be our worst enemy when it comes to sexual fulfillment. Tiredness, stress, anxiety, you name it, these things are an innate part of our modern existence, and they are not sexy. Switching gears isn’t also easy in a flash, but it is possible to get into the zone with the right approach. Taking it slow, working with your body if you’re solo, or asking a partner to take their time can help. And mixing it up with something fun can also amplify results. If that thing is CBD, know that it’s an all-natural way to potentially enhance a blissful state and soothe a racing mind so you can concentrate on the pleasure waiting for you.

Top Tip: Try Rain Cloud Repellant full-spectrum CBD tincture up to 30 minutes before you hit the sheets to ease yourself into the moment and tackle stress.

Take care of your body

cbd for physical wellness

Is your body playing ball? It can happen, you’ve got into the zone mentally, but something physical is holding you back. Whether it’s vaginal dryness or pain, our body can throw up challenges before we even get started. Finding a way to manage physical symptoms can help to alleviate any discomfort, so you can switch to more pleasurable feelings. If we’re talking specifically about pain or dryness in intimate areas, a CBD lube could be your new BFF. With the potential to increase blood flow and sensitivity, it brings a whole new angle to your sexual play. 

Top Tip: Try smoothing a little Wake the Neighbors love lotion onto intimate areas and feel the tension lift in all ways.   

Hoo Raa and sexual self-care

Exploring CBD for sexual pleasure could give you a whole new delicious experience, but know this, cannabinoid therapy is highly individualized, with different doses varying for every person and product to product. This means self-experimentation is the key, so have fun and find out what works for you. Hoo Raa is in your corner if you need help any time, with our high-quality CBD products made only with premium CBD and natural ingredients. If you need any advice or inspiration simply shop now or reach out!  

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Yes, yes, YES! Make 2023 your best ever

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